George Bush’s Most Modern Deception

Americans invest one thing like $2.four trillion dollars a calendar year on well being treatment. We invest about 17%twenty five of GDP on well being treatment, 2 times as significantly as we invest on meals. If you run that out for about 10 several years, with raises in charges of residing, and so forth., you occur up with a total of about $33 trillion dollars.

The truth is that as soon as we have a community selection, our well being treatment charges will commence to occur down. We can’t have any wording in the legislation that states the federal government program has to “compete on a level playing discipline” with the personal sector. That is what the CEOs of the well being insurance policy businesses would like to have delivered to them on their gravy train, but it can’t be authorized to occur.

If you appear at how the “public servants” live in this working day and age, they are residing substantial on the hog, although a large share of Individuals have dropped their positions, homes and family members due to the fact of the poor conclusions manufactured by these overpaid, pompous people. A lot more people have been influenced by the “Mortgage” crisis than at any other time in heritage. Our federal government has failed to preserve this predicament in examine. We have stood by and let our federal government do this.

It all started as soon as Congress passed the health care invoice. I can nevertheless hear Nancy Pelosi as she announced. “The yays are 220- and the nays are 211.” Then all hell broke free and hasn’t stopped. Congressman Neugebauer yells “Baby Killer” at Congressman Stupak due to the fact Stupak altered his vote. Numerous people imagine Stupak altered his vote due to the fact he was bribed by President Obama. Congressman Stupak gained threats before and after his vote. Threats from Liberals before the vote and threats from conservatives after the vote. Both are incorrect, nevertheless the media is only reporting about what they contact the evil Tea Celebration Patriots. The Tea Celebration Patriots are trying to battle towards Liberalism and flip our region back again on to the correct route.

Between 2003 and 2006, charges in this region went up by $650 billion far more than predicted. In other words, for a region with our gross domestic item, revenue per capita, we ought to have put in $650 million significantly less to be in line with even the top finish of this group of nations. We put in $650 million far more than the greatest well being treatment technique of the most affluent of these international locations. Of that quantity, $438 billion was for outpatient paying. In other words, two-thirds of raises in hospital treatment have been either for emergency area treatment or for an increase in outpatient techniques in clinics. Not just the indigent, but plan.

It is not terribly disturbing that Savino utilizes the housekeeping account to pay for meals. The rules governing the use of a county group’s housekeeping account are not quite restrictive. Nonetheless, paying far more then 5 times that of the Queens Republicans on meals is disturbing. Savino promises that he is obtaining lunches and dinners to community and grow the Bronx Idaho Republicans. Hip! Hip! Hooray! The question is why the extensive greater part of these electricity lunches and dinners take place way up in Rockland County? If they are for the benefit of Bronx County why are you traveling 30 or forty miles absent from property?

None of this is new. President Obama, Pelosi, Democrats, are using the threats to Congress to their benefit. All we hear in the information are tales about the threats to Congress.

JOHN KING: We’re out of time tonight, but we’d like to thank the University of South Florida, the “St. Petersburg Times” and each of the Florida gubernatorial candidates for becoming a member of us tonight for this conversation.